Driver Advantage Program

Fuel / Tires / Technology / Taxes / Stops / Incentives / Gift Cards

Fuel Discounts

Our independent contractors enjoy cost saving programs with major truck stop chains. By utilizing these vendors and increasing the number of gallons purchased, we will be able to negotiate a larger discount.

Fuel Discounts

All fuel discounts are given at the pump and go directly to our independent contractors.

Tire Purchase Discounts

With our partner, Ameriquest, our independent contractors can receive discounts on tires from these manufacturers.

Tire Purchase Discounts

Technology Purchases

Evans Delivery Company and CDW Computer Centers have come together to offer a purchasing program for our independent contractors. CDW has extended Evans’ volume pricing for your personal purchases on any products has to offer. That is more than 70,000 hardware, software and electronics products to choose from.

IFTA (Road) Taxes

Evans reports and pays all IFTA taxes for its independent contractors.

Truck Stop Services

IdleAire Technologies Corporation provides a quiet, clean, cost-effective alternative to the extended idling of diesel trucks wherever they congregate.

IdleAire is a company originally founded to provide the professional long haul driver a comfortable, secure place to rest. The IdleAire system improves the driver’s environment: no engine noise, no carbon monoxide or other fumes, better rest. Add to that the telephone and TV connections, in-cab computer, Internet, movies-on-demand, computer-based interactive driver training and 110-volt outlets–a unique system. Impressive benefits. Less cost.

But there are some additional benefits. We save truck owners money. We eliminate the air and noise pollution communities associate with idling diesel engines.

Truck Stop Services

Safety Incentive Programs

  • Win a Brand New Harley Davidson!
  • Win a computer!
  • Win a digital camera!
  • Win other cool stuff!

To qualify a driver must hand in all logs, all trip envelopes, have no out of service inspections and no accidents for that month. Thirty drivers are selected randomly each month.

Clean Roadside Inspections

Get Wal*Mart gift cards for clean roadside inspections.

Clean Roadside Inspections

Clean (0 violation) roadside inspections :

  • Level 1 – $50.00
  • Level 2 – $20.00
  • Level 3 – $10.00

We have a comprehensive insurance package :

  • First Guard – Physical Damage – Help your owner operators protect their equipment.
  • Non-Trucking Liability – $29.25 per month.
  • Occupational Accident Insurance
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